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If your contractor is busting through the floor to install a sub-floor system, be sure it's installed properly next to the footing, NOT ON TOP OF THE FOOTING. Drain tile systems are recommended only in the rare instance of water seeping up through the floor.

Professional waterproofing companies solve water problems by removing the water pressure against the walls, foundation, or floor of the basement or crawl space. This often involves installing a drainage system around the inside of the foundation walls.

Professional waterproofing companies offer a variety of different drainage systems. Before hiring a waterproofing company, thoroughly investigate the effectiveness of the proposed system. System installation often involves digging down through the basement floor next to the wall, installing the system, and then replacing torn-up sections of floor. Because the process of digging through the concrete basement floor creates a great deal of debris and dust, the work area must be sealed off from the upstairs living area before work can begin. Since the drainage system must be specifically designed for your home, hire a reputable company that will stand behind it's work.

The Basement Drain Main System design integrates the baseboard system with the subfloor tile system. Water soaking in around the foundation creates hydrostatic pressure. Holes tapped into the base of the blocks release the pressure. Water flows through this low profile system to a sump-pump. The concrete floor is then poured over the Basement Drain Main™. The water capacity is equivalent to that of a 3 inch pipe.

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